Should we expect another women’s march?


March 8th,2017

Today is women’s international day and some of you might be wondering if women will use this day to protest for equality and that is a valid question. It seems that there might be a few protests underway .

For instance,women in Rutgers might have a walkout around 2 pm where women walk out of classes and offices to protest immigration, abortion rights.In addition, women might just skip work. They want to show they are just as essential to society as men and the influence they have on our economy. Some schools could close as a result if these women are teachers.They might also just boycott businesses and try to prove that economy would suffer without their contribution.After all women make up around 51% of the United States population. If you can’t participate on these events, you can show your support by wearing red or using the hashtag #DayWithoutAWoman.We can expect some media buzz from celebrities as well just pinpointing how we haven’t achieved equality for women or any minority groups in the U.S. With minority groups feeling attached by recent policies regarding immigration and transgender bathroom laws, there is a lot women might want to say on their day.Let’s see what happens. The important thing is to exercise your first amendment right to free speech and peaceful protests .We are the people.We can rewrite history.