Daily Hudson’s Mission


The Daily Hudson: Fostering Unity and Progress in Hudson County

In a world where community bonds are often overlooked, The Daily Hudson stands as a beacon of unity and progression in Hudson County. Founded in 2011 by the industrious Catana family in Union City, NJ, The Daily Hudson has evolved from a humble initiative into a cornerstone of community development and support. From humble beginnings to pillars in the community the Catana’s developed a conglomerate of businesses dedicated to developing community. This realization sparked a relentless journey of community service and empowerment.

Building Bridges in the Business World

The Catana siblings – Joe, Andres, John, and Pierre embarked on distinctive yet converging paths to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in Hudson County. Joe, the pioneer behind Chindler’s Academy, has transformed lives by helping thousands of residents attain their high school diplomas, fostering a wave of educational triumphs each year since 2015. Meanwhile, Andres has been the visionary behind ACPix Studio, a content creation company that has metamorphosed hundreds of dreams into vivid realities.

Equally committed, John and Pierre have sown seeds of hope and respite through Cielo Mystic, The Mystical House, and Tercer Cielo. These initiatives have served as sanctuaries for underprivileged Hispanic residents grappling with life’s adversities, offering comfort and support during trials such as divorces, foreclosures, and instances of domestic violence.

Strengthening Community Ties

The Daily Hudson has not only flourished as a newspaper but as a potent catalyst for community unity and commercial growth. Its street festivals have become a staple in Union City, garnering the support of Mayor Brian Stack and uniting over 300 people in their latest celebration. The synergy between local and neighboring vendors, with over 40 vendors participating, echoes the Daily Hudson’s mission to foster local business growth and forge a strong sense of community.

Further, the newspaper is gearing up to host the Union City Farmers Markets from September 25th to October 7th, 2023, a platform where locals can further develop their businesses. This event, coupled with the forthcoming Harvest Festival on October 28th, signifies the Daily Hudson’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and community welfare.

A Vision of Sustainable Growth

As The Daily Hudson sails into the future, it envisages becoming a non-profit entity, uniting efforts with the Union City Chamber of Commerce to usher in an era of community cohesion and sustainability in Hudson County. The vision is vast and inclusive, aiming to nurture local vendors and musicians while fostering sustainability through food drives, vouchers, and fresh food connections for residents.

As The Daily Hudson embraces its next chapter, exciting projects are on the horizon. The community can anticipate a thrilling Battle of the Bands event that promises to spotlight local musicians in a city-wide celebration. Additionally, a promising collaboration with Hudson County Community College aims to launch a volunteer program that will further weave the fabric of community unity.

As pillars in the community, the Catana family and The Daily Hudson pledge to continue their journey of fostering unity, growth, and prosperity in Hudson County, steering the community towards a future brimming with opportunities and hope.