exercise and dieting


March 8,2017

When it comes to losing weight or keeping in shape, what’s more important? Well, you should have a balanced lifestyle and exercise at least an hour a day and eat healthy. But, if you were to choose one over the other, diet would win. That is because what you put in your body is extremely crucial in order to lose weight.If you exercise an hour everyday, but you choose to eat McDonald’s everyday or at least consistently, you are not changing anything; you might actually gain weight. But if your diet if full of nutrients that you need protein (meat, fish, beans, nuts, eggs, dairy) and fiber (whole grains, fruits, vegetables) that way you stay fuller and as a result eat less. Having a healthy and balanced diet should be 80% of your diet and exercising should be 20%. That is just an estimate so you can see how what you eat impacts your health and weight over exercising. But, remember you should have a balance of both!