If you could would you edit your child’s genes?


With technology such as Crispr which uses Cas9 enzyme to be able to cut,edit DNA there remains an ethical question of what limits we should put on such powerful technology. Crispr is such a great technology because it might be able to fix illnesses that get passed from generation to generation. In the future scientists are looking to grow human organs from a patient’s own cells. What if we could go further and say that one day we might want to choose the color ,hair,height of our offspring ?Would you? Should a human being’s perception of beauty shape how children would look like?What if you could choose the gender of your own baby?What would you choose it to be?And why?A child has 23 chromosomes from their mother and 23 from their father.What magic would there be in bringing children into this world and being able to modify how they would look like just because we can?Ethical laws should prohibit such things even before we get to that type of technology.Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.Children are a perfect combination of their parents and we should let nature decide how they will look like just as we have to allow our children to become who they want to become.