Why Trolls Are So Popular


If you are up to date on the latest trends , you have heard of trolls. Trolling is described as making offensive and provocative posts online to incite an angry , negative response as a result. About 40% of people have witnessed or been victims of online trolling. So why is it so popular? Well, some people might say because of the increasing push society has done for more political correctness. They feel as if their right to free speech as stated in the first amendment is getting restricted and they see political correctness exactly for what it is called: political. People want to be able to say or write the first thing that comes to their minds .Even though trolls say people should not get offended by their destructive comments, they thrive on that very concept: people do get hurt. Nowadays with the increasing use of technology and social media, anyone from anywhere around the world can get to you and they do without even knowing you.

Usually trolls focus on celebrities and they excuse their behavior by stating that celebrities choose to keep their lives public so they must be able to endure compliments as well as backlash and that they should grow a thick skin.

Political correctness was established to educate the public and fight against racism,discrimination by being able to express what you want to say without offending anyone. Why is there a need to get hateful with people you usually do not know? People might hide behind the first amendment and yes they are in their right to say what they want to say , but should we? Is there a deeper issue? Perhaps the increase in wealth gap or the fact we have seen a lot of movements like women’s march .Maybe it has to deal with the accumulated stress of unemployment, issues like immigration reforms and healthcare. Until we have further studies, we can just speculate.