Celebrating Women’s International day


Eleanor Roosevelt

Susan B. Anthony

March 7th,2017

Because we are commemorating Women’s International day today , let’s commemorate women in history that made a difference.

Let’s start with our featured woman, Marie Curie. Marie Curie was a  Polish physicist and chemist who discovered polonium and radium with her Husband Pierre . Most likely because of her research with radiation , she died with aplastic anemia. Marie Curie was awarded along with her husband Pierre Nobel Peace Prize for Physics and another one for herself on Chemistry.She is a true pioneer when it comes to radiation and is amongst one of the most celebrated women in all history .

Then, we have Eleanor Roosevelt. They say that behind a great man there is a greater woman and this proved to be true for Eleanor Roosevelt. She was Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s wife(32nd U.S president) and is sometimes seen as feminist figure although that’s not how she would describe herself. She was born on October 11 in 1884 in New York City and before she was first lady of the United States , she was first lady of New York and is sometimes called Lady of the World.Even after FDR’S death she continued her involvement i politics.She pressed the United States to support United Nations and became its first delegate. She served as the first chair of the United Nations Commission of human rights, and worked on the drafting for a declaration on human rights  Later she chaired the John F. Kennedy’s(35th president) administration’s Presidential Commission of the Status for Women.

Last but not least,a contender for the spot on the 10 dollar bill, Susan B. Anthony. Susan B. Anthony was born February 15, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts.She was brought up in the Quaker faith. She was a huge advocate when it came to women’s suffrage rights and abolition . Despite backlash and unfair treatment, she continuously gave speeches throughout the country on these issues.Along with the Women’s National Loyal League in support of the 13th amendment that dealt with abolishing slavery.She was also in favor of the Temperance movement to make the consumption and the selling of alcohol illegal. To add on to, she also fought for the right for women to be part of a labor union.

History is written everyday ad if we strongly advocate for our beliefs, maybe one day someone will be writing an article about us!