This Canadian Woman Demanded That A “White Doctor” Treat Her Son


Article from Buzzfeed

The woman was caught on video repeatedly asking staff for a white doctor to treat her son for chest pain. When other patients in the waiting room told her to go to the hospital, she said she had already been there and gotten a “Paki doctor.”

“They only have brown doctors and they did not help my kid,” the woman told staff at one point.

“What kind of horrible country do I live in? My kid is sick, so I want to see somebody else that doesn’t have brown teeth that speaks English,” she said.

The incident was recorded by Hitesh Bhardwaj, who was among the people to confront the woman over her racist tirade.

“I couldn’t help but record the video,” Bhardwaj told CBC News. “This is bad, this is inappropriate and shouldn’t go unnoticed.”

As the woman grew more and more irate at the lack of white doctors, other people in the waiting room intervened. “Your child clearly has more issues with you being his mother than him needing to see a doctor,” said one woman. “You are extremely rude and racist.”

Hitesh Bhardwaj / YouTube / Via

“You’re brown, you’re brown,” the woman responded. “You’re all attacking me because I’m white.”

Peel Region, which includes Mississauga, is one of the most ethnically diverse parts of Canada. The federal government’s 2011 National Household Survey found that visible minorities comprise 54% of Mississauga’s population, with people of South Asian descent making up the bulk of that figure.

Peel Region police said officers were called to the Rapid Access to Medical Specialists clinic shortly after noon on Sunday.

“Police spoke to all involved parties,” Constable Mark Fischer told BuzzFeed News. “A resolution was found that had the female’s son checked by a doctor at the clinic.”

Fischer said there were no charges laid. The clinic declined to comment.

BuzzFeed News was unable to identify the woman in the video. Her face has been obscured to protect her son’s privacy.