Hours after release from jail, man commits another burglary: cops


Source: NJ.com

HOBOKEN — A 34-year-old man with an extensive history of burglarizing apartments was charged again with a theft he allegedy committed just hours after he was released from jail, police said.

David Diaz was arrested at the border of Jersey City and Hoboken on Friday afternoon and charged with breaking into a Grand Street apartment on May 30, Hoboken police said.

Diaz was being held at the Hudson County jail from a Feb. 17 arrest and was released two and a half weeks ago.

Since March 2015, Diaz has been arrested 19 times on burglary and theft charges, police said.

In January, Diaz was scolded by a judge when he appeared in court on multiple counts of theft, telling him he would be released from jail under the Criminal Justice Reform Act but needed to get help.

He appeared in court just a few days later on the same charges.

Hoboken police said Diaz is being held in jail until a pretrial hearing.