Decrease on number of smokers


March 9th,2017

According to CDC (Centers for Disease control and Prevention) , the number of adult smokers from(20.9%) in 2005 to (15.1%) in 2015. These are individuals that stated they have smoked more than 100 cigarettes in a lifetime or smoke everyday or sometimes.

This study find that men are more likely to smoke than women,people living below the poverty line , people that had lower levels of education and Non-Hispanic Indians and Alaska Native. The study also found that more than 10 of every 100 Hispanics (10.1%) smoke.Current cigarette smoking was highest in the Midwest and lowest in the West.Current cigarette smoking was higher among persons with a disability/limitation than among those with no disability/limitation(source CDC).

While there has been an increase of adult smokers , there has been an increase of teen smokers with depression. According to Live Science  (and the study was originally posted on the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence), “Researchers found that among smokers ages 12 to 17, the percentage who had depression increased from 16.0 percent in 2005 to 22.4 percent in 2013”.That might be because there has been a spike of teens diagnosed with depression and since they are in depression it makes them hard to quit bad habits.

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