The Sumerian King List describes how a group of enlightened beings descended from heaven to rule Earth. The total length of their domination: 242,100 years – how is that possible?

The Sumerian Royal List is an ancient text written in the Sumerian language that lists the kings of Sumer from the Sumerian dynasty, extending to foreign dynasties, with lists of Babylonian and later Assyrian kings being similar. The list listed the place of royalty and “official” rulers as well as the period of their governments. It was believed that the right of majesty was granted by the gods and could be passed from one city to another. It is possible that some of the kings present on the list were purely mythological. The duration of some reigns is too long in many cases. There were many other monarchs ruling their own cities without, however, winning the title of “official” royalty. The list mentions a single woman as ruler: Kug-Bau de Quis, the guardian of the tavern, who reigned for 100 years.