You won’t believe these 10 crazy, stupid, archaic laws are still on the books in N.J.



The thing about laws is that they always make great sense at the time they’re written.

Nearly 4,000  years ago, the Babylonian king Hammurabi decreed that those accused of sorcery should leap into a river and prove their innocence by not drowning.

The Salem Witch Trials viewed floating in water as proof of guilt only 325 years ago.

In this respect, New Jersey’s laws are no different from Massachusetts’ or Mesopotamia’s: We have a fair number of laws on the books that once made sense, but are now bona fide head-scratchers. Many of these antiquated statutes are on the hit list of the New Jersey Law Review Commission, which is tasked with shaking the dust off what’s on those old books.

Here are a few that may leave you wondering if justice is as dumb as it is blind.