Spring Ahead with Science on Netflix in April


With April’s arrival, spring is finally in the air. What’s sprouting this month in science entertainment on Netflix? Check it out with Live Science.

Born To Be Free (Dogwoof Films, 2017): A trio of free-diving journalists investigate the grim story of global trade in marine mammals. They explore how dolphins, walruses and beluga whales are peddled internationally, while exposing the conditions under which the animals are kept in captivity and exhibited in performances across Russia.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return (Netflix, 2017): A record-breaking Kickstarter campaign revived the beloved science-fiction-celebrating and cult-favorite TV series, known to its many fans by the nickname MST3K. New human host Jonah Ray joins the team of sarcastic, movie-critiquing robots — Servo, Gypsy and Crow — for a Netflix debut in a new season of 14 episodes.

A Plastic Ocean (Plastic Oceans Ltd., 2016): What lurks beneath the ocean’s surface? Plastic — and a lot of it. An international team of researchers, conservationists and filmmakers traveled around the world, filming this documentary in 20 locations over four years, to capture the consequences of pervasive plastic pollution on ocean ecosystems, and its toll on wildlife in the sea.

Bill Nye Saves the World: Season 1 (Netflix, 2017): Science deniers, beware! Bill Nye is coming to Netflix with a new show that challenges misconceptions about science and inspires curiosity and wonder in every 30-minute episode. Joined in his “laboratory” by a succession of special guests, Nye gets hands-on with an array of experiments, using his characteristic enthusiasm and know-how to introduce and explain the science topics that have everybody talking.