A Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary K. Baxter

Bosch, Hieronymus; An Angel Leading a Soul into Hell; Wellcome Library; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/an-angel-leading-a-soul-into-hell-125754

A Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary K. Baxter describes the physical layout and situation of hell. The author writes that she was escorted into the nether world over a thirty day period by Jesus Christ and was told to share her visions.

The scenes of hell described in her book are way beyond awful. The worst part is that the abject horrors and sufferings are eternal. Jesus cries in these visions as souls recognize Him and beg Him to get them out of there. Yet they curse Him, indicating that they are still not penitent.

According to Baxter’s visions, all characters shown in hell had heard the gospel preached and given the chance to repent and accept their Savior. It is a choice. God has given us a free will! There are many backsliders there as well, including pastors who preached false doctrine.

A Divine Revelation of Hell is Bible based. Mary K. Baxter reiterates time and again that hell is a real physical place of eternal torment and warns the reader not to be complacent as all the signs of the end-times are here: plagues, wars, catastrophic weather events, failing economies and rampant deception. She warns in her book that Satan and his hordes know that the end is near and are out in full force to try to keep many from eternal salvation.

The author vividly describes the emotions, feelings and continual terrors of her experience. Every time she descended into the abyss, it was with Jesus Christ, who gave her peace and was her protection. However, twice she was left completely alone! She describes how she had absolutely no hope. She was convinced that she must have committed some horrible sin and knew that she could never ever get out. She was physically chained, felt her flesh oozing and rotting off her skeleton, kept in a locked cell, and tortured continuously.

Yes, Jesus saved her, but after her ordeal she suffered another month of mental torture, physical illness, and severe depression. She was not only an eyewitness, but a physical and emotional victim of the intensity of evil, pain, hopelessness, utter despair, constant pain and stench. From this, she writes, she was given the mandate to warn about the reality of hell and Satan.