Save the Ice! Polar Ice Caps are melting!


Polar ice caps are sheets of ice that cover the North and South Pole on Earth and contain a majority of Earth’s freshwater. The temperature on the North and South pole have a freezing atmosphere but the average temperature has been rising recently because of the changes in our environment. This bad news since the caps are melting and breaking apart, with NASA’s satellite, photographs show that the ice caps have been shrinking every 10 years by 9 percent. Though 10 percent doesn’t seem like a huge recede, it is still a change.

Global Warming is a reality and it is affecting native people, animals and nature itself, some people whose family has lived near the caps for generations will have to move due to the rise of sea level. This is a serious issue, the fact that our sea levels are rising and the polar ice caps are melting means that coastal areas and islands will end up being like Atlantis. Islands will soon be wiped off the earth and people will suffer from moving away from their homes and animals will lose their habitats, the melting of the ice caps is affecting our very environment, our ecosystem.

What will happen if all of Earth’s ice melts? Water levels will rise slowly but surely, causing a danger to our environment and affecting all nature including people. Global Warming is changing our Earth’s climate, melting the ice caps in the North and South Pole, and our atmosphere. Change in our environment is possible, we must focus on saving nature before it causes us a monumental problem, we must conserve energy!