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Inside of Kevin Hart’s Scandal

Kevin Hart photographed for Variety by Pamela Littky on April 25, 2017 in LA, CA. *Grooming: John Clausell; Wardrobe: Ashley North: Shirt: Neil Barrett; Pants: Acne


Who Is Montia Sabbag? 5 Things About Woman at Center of Kevin Hart Extortion Scandal

Montia Sabbag has come forward as the woman in the video allegedly used for an extortion attempt against Kevin Hart.

Sabbag spoke out at a press conference with high-profile attorney Lisa Bloom on Wednesday, where she refuted claims that she was part of an attempt to extort money from the actor in exchange for an explicit video showing of the two them.

In a video posted to Instagram over the weekend, Hart claimed that there was someone who was trying to make “financial gain” from his misbehavior in the video.

“I made a bad error in judgement and I put myself in a bad environment where only bad things can happen and they did,” Hart admitted in his apology video.

Read on for five things we know about the woman caught up in the actor’s sex extortion scandal.

1. She was intimately involved with the comedian “about a month ago”

Sabbag and her lawyer confirmed that she had an “intimate relationship” with the actor in Las Vegas last month when they were secretly filmed in a hotel room together.

“I was involved with Kevin Hart a month ago. Since then, my pictures and my name have been released with lies written about me,” Sabbag said.

Bloom then spoke and claimed her client was a victim of “multiple felonies” after she was filmed without consent.

“Montia is a crime victim. Someone apparently snuck cameras into Kevin Hart’s private hotel suite in Las Vegas and recorded bedroom images of the two of them,” Bloom said.

2. She denied being part of the extortion attempt against Hart

While at the conference, Sabbag denied the accusations that she was using the video to extort money from Hart.

“I’m not an extortionist, I’m not a stripper,” Sabbag said. “I have not broken any laws. I had nothing to do with these recordings.”

Bloom also dismissed reports of an investigation into the matter and said that her client hadn’t been approached about it. She also said they would “immediately” be going to law enforcement themselves to file a claim against the felonies.

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3. She hired high-profile Lisa Bloom to refute the claims

Sabbag said she hired Bloom to “protect my rights,” adding her name to the attorney’s long list of high-profile clients.

Bloom has recently represented Blac Chyna in the midst of the reality star’s turbulent break-up and custody battle with Rob Kardashian. The attorney was by Chyna’s side when she made a statement condemning Kardashian’s use of her nude photos without her permission. She also represented Kathy Griffin, following the comedian’s controversial photo depicting a decapitated Donald Trump.

4. She’s not asking Hart for money

Bloom clarified that her client was not trying to get money out of Hart.

“Montia and I are not asking for a cent from Kevin Hart. This is not about money,” Bloom said. “We are not suing him. We are not making any claims against him. Any reports to the contrary are false. Kevin Hart appears to be the victim of this criminal, just as Montia is a victim of this criminal.”

The attorney also took a moment to “invite Mr. Hart to join us in bringing the perpetrator to justice.”

5. She identifies as a recording artist and actress

After reports labelled her a stripper, Sabbag said during the conference that she identifies professionally as a recording artist and actress. Bloom’s initial press released also identified Sabbag as a model. Film database IMDb, however, has no listed credits to Sabbag’s name.