At the heart of understanding ourselves as human beings, should be our aura. It is a topic that is often greeted with misplaced skepticism. Understanding your aura and how you can train yourself to see it is a fundamental part of understanding yourself.

What is an Aura?shutterstock_250622095

An Aura is in its simplest terms the electromagnetic field that surrounds every living thing on the planet, from humans to plants.

It is an electromagnetic field that is quantifiable by scientific research. As human beings our aura is particularly complex with seven distinct layers each of which affects our moods, emotions, feelings, health and overall behaviour.

The Aura is considered to be a moment to moment physical, emotional and spiritual expression of our true self. The importance of your aura cannot be underestimated and understanding each individual layer and how it affects you is crucial.

The Physical Layer

Also known as the physical aura plane, the physical layer is closest to the body and is a reflection of our comfort and health. The layer is strongest when we sleep and diminishes during the day. It extends around two inches from the body and smudges in the layer are viewed as indications of poor health.

The Astral Layer

The astral or emotional layer holds onto our history and experiences with loved ones. It is the layer that influences the way we treat the people that we care deeply for. It is from here that we gain our feelings of compassion and care.

The Lower Mental Layer

For most people, the lower mental layer is the most influential in their daily lives. This layer is where we store our values and ideas. It expands when we are busy at work or are deep in concentration. Any damage to this layer can lead us to become judgemental and agitated.

The Higher Mental Layershutterstock_361970174

Although very closely connected with your lower mental layer, the higher mental layer takes our minds to a more spiritual place.

It is the layer that affects our ability to experience unconditional love, self-love and selflessness.

A well maintained higher mental layer will quieten the voices of self-doubt within you and project positive energy into the world.

The Spiritual Layer

The spiritual layer is what allows us to connect to other like-minded people and the wider universe. With our own awareness of our spirituality, this layer draws us to people we can learn from and people we can teach. Those who are unaware of this layer are often skeptical of those who are in tune with their aura. Connecting with your spiritual layer is the first step to spiritual bliss.

The Intuitional Layer

shutterstock_163173239 (1)Often called the celestial plane, this is where our ability to forgive and accept others is forged.

The intuitional layer is where we store our dreams and our projections for our own future.

If you take care of this layer then you will be consumed with feelings of kindness, patience and calm.

You will often find that people who have a true connection with the intuitional layer are profound and creative individuals.

The Absolute Layer

The absolute layer is the glue that holds together our aura. It connects us to ourselves, others and the universe. Misunderstanding this layer leads us away from the path of bliss and can lead to feelings of superiority and isolation. When understood fully the absolute layer unifies our consciousness. As individuals, we are all on our own spiritual journey and this layer is where we are able to complete the journey to pure bliss.

How to see your Aura

  1. Learn: Teach yourself the different colours that auras have and the meaning of each them.

  2. Sense: Begin by trying to sense someone else’s aura. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and think about how you feel in the presence of someone. Do you feel calm, agitated or even inspired? Then consider what colour you would assign to the feeling that you have.shutterstock_361970330

  3. Tune in: Having learnt the colours, begin training your eyes to see colours more vividly. To do this cover a book with red or blue paper and place it across the room from you with a white or neutral wall behind it. Close your eyes and then slowly open them, but don’t look right at the book, instead look a little to the side of it. Keep your eyes focussed softly to the side of the book until you begin to see a pale aura come from the book which over time will transform into a bright yellow of green.

  4. Begin seeing: Stand in front of a mirror, 18” from a white or neutral wall and once again don`t look directly at yourself but focus softly just past your shoulder at the wall. Try to see an area of the wall behind you that looks lighter than the rest and focus on it to identify the colour. Once you’ve identified the colour begin swaying and you should discover that your energy field moves with you. For brighter colours play your favourite song to initiate a stronger emotional reaction in your aura.

Finally, practice makes perfect! Learning to see your own aura takes a lot of patience. Don’t be frustrated if you can’t see anything straight away. Just remember that simply by accepting your aura and trying to understand it more, you’re on the right path to spiritual bliss.