Alexa Chung Puts an It-Brit Spin on French Girl Style


So maybe French girls don’t actually wear berets, as Vogue previously gleaned from Jeanne Damas. No matter, because It Brits do, including Alexa Chung. When the model and arbiter of all things cool stepped out in New York yesterday, she put a fresh spin on the traditional French accessory with a look that felt more London than Left Bank.

Hats, in general, have been having a moment. Kendall Jenner recently topped off her airport style with a newsboy cap, and before that, Kate Moss tried a similar look in the front row at Paris Fashion Week. But while Jenner and Moss chose solid accessories that complemented their ensembles, Chung punctuated hers with a mash-up of prints. The overall effect moved what could have easily been a passé style statement to a directional new place.

A fisherman’s sweater played up the textured element, plus the funnel neck saved Chung from needing to throw on a scarf. Where her Parisian sisters might have gone with a fur chubby, she opted for a tailored alternative in the British vein; her menswear-inspired outerwear was an ideal structured counterpoint to her cozy knit underneath. And leopard-print ankle boots lent a final rocker-inspired touch that was classic Chung.

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