Awesome things to do with samsung s8


On Wednesday, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 and S8+, its new smartphones launching in April, which it hopes will fuel a comeback from the disastrous Galaxy Note 7 recall.

The S8 packs several interesting features, including an Infinity Display, wireless charging and the introduction of its personal digital assistant, Bixby.

Yes, it looks sharp. And there are some awesome features packed in. Here are some of the best:

You can use your face as a passcode

Need to quickly access your home screen? No need to type your passcode, or even wait for a sensor to read your fingerprint. Just look at the front of your Galaxy S8. The smartphone’s front-facing camera boasts facial recognition technology allowing users to log in with their face. Amazing.

You can login with just your eyes, too

If you really want to take phone security a step further, Galaxy S8 also includes an iris scanner. Owners line up their eyes with a pair of circles on screen, then the phone does the rest to log in. Mind. Blown.

You can use it like a desktop computer

If you use your smartphone for business, the DeX station allows users to operate their smartphone when connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Users can still keep track of activities including phone calls and text messages while docked to DeX.

The camera includes a ‘food mode’

Are you the person always sharing latte foam art on Instagram? Or you just really enjoy posting pictures of your dinner? The S8 includes a “food mode” for the camera, capturing more vibrant images of your meals or snacks.

You can use a headphone jack

Sound ridiculous? Yes, unless you own an iPhone 7, which requires wireless earbuds or connecting to the port that also charges your device. Bonus: it comes with a pair of AKG ear buds.

Seen on USA today.