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North Bergen BOE election results show we must continue fight

The results of the recent North Bergen School Board Election inspire the continued effort to unseat the Nicholas Sacco archaic political organization according to Larry Wainstein, leader of the anti-Sacco North Bergen Forces.  In a prepared statement, Wainstein said the following:

“It was correct to challenge the Sacco political machine in the recent township school election.  A school election is completely different than a general municipal election which exposed the weakness of the Sacco influence.  It worked.  Let us examine the facts.

Nicholas Sacco has been a kingpin for more than 30 years as a triple dipper, Mayor, Senator and School Board Administrator.  During this period, he has been able to create a political organization utilizing his patronage on a State, County, Municipal and School Board level, including the very lucrative School of Technology.

Sacco and his gang may brag all they want about the fact they received an average of 3,410 votes in the school election compared to the 500 votes for our candidates.  All it means is that the organization has a base of 3,410 votes.  There are 34,000 registered voters in North Bergen and this more than 30 year dynasty was able to only get 10% of the electorate out to vote. The 3,410 who came out to vote represent jobholders (state, county, municipal, school board and technical school) and their families. They owe their allegiance to Sacco and the machine did everything it could to make sure they came to the polls.

On the other hand, our 500 voters did not come out to protect a job, they came out to express their concern and desire for change.  Subtracting the 3,910 voters from the 34,000 registered to vote leaving a field of 30,000 voters in North Bergen who do not owe their allegiance to Nicholas Sacco.  That is why they did not come to the polls.  Furthermore, Sacco spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on this election and closed schools early to force teachers to campaign.

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We shall concentrate on these 30,000 voters who by their absence from voting are expressing their distaste and discontent for politics and politicians as they presently exist.  The local politicians, the mayor and commissionaires are more concerned for themselves to establish life time jobs with big pensions while forgetting the people they are to represent., Yes, we shall continue this fight and we shall be successful.  We shall overcome”.

Larry Wainstein, North Bergen

Sanctuary for gang members?

Why is Chuck Schumer (“The King Obstructionist in Congress”) so against the wall and for illegals pouring into this country bringing with them illegal drugs and thus committing brutal crimes?   He eventually wants their votes.  Shameful!

MS-13 street gangs were  recently blamed for six Long Island slayings, this story emerged  Thursday as they were the leading suspects in the brutal execution of four young men. The victims were also found butchered.

An illegal immigrant gang member from El Salvador was allowed to walk free from Rikers Island under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “Sanctuary City” law — in defiance of a federal petition to hold him for deportation, officials said Tuesday.  Can we say insanity? These politicians should be voted out of office.

DiBlasio and many other Mayors through their actions of defiance of “sanctuary cities”, almost seem complicit  with their irresponsibility of not cooperating with ICE on these illegal violent invaders. Maybe he and many other Mayors want lowlife gang members in their town, most people I know want only decent immigrants to come to the USA. Shame on these politicians.

Trump wants these violent invaders out of this country.  Bottom line, if they don’t comply, they will not receive any federal money. Sanctuary city politician-lawbreakers should now realize they are no longer dealing with Obama and Lynch who were lax on illegals invading our country, they now have a new sheriff in town, President Trump and AG-Sessions. He’s not standing for this insanity.