Elderly couple bound for Michigan ended up on Canadian Border


An elderly Florida couple bound for Michigan found themselves in upstate New York after an airline mixup.

Helen Wheeker, 96, and husband George Nobel, 89, were wheeled onto a plane at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International airport on Wednesday they thought was headed to Grand Rapids, Mich.But when the great-grandparents’ Allegiant Air flight landed on, they found out they were were in Ogdensburg, N.Y. — a small town just across the St. Lawrence River from Canada.

heeker and Nobel — who split their time between Fort Lauderdale and Grand Rapids — took a flight right back to Florida.

A glitch in Allegiant Air’s system meant the company couldn’t read boarding passes, meaning the couple was put on the neighboring flight for New York, a company spokeswoman told Local 10 News.

Wheeker and Nober’s flight was refunded, and they hope to take another shot at flying to Michigan on Saturday, according to the channel.

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