7 Steps to reach enlightenment


As once Buddha said “Life is the creation of our mind.” You must accept yourself as a soul, as a being, as life. There is no escape, not through sex, money, junk food, and alcohol, they may last a while but deep down you’ll be just waiting for something to change and it goes to waste.

The first step is acceptance.

Know who you are and keep asking yourself who am I? Because who are you? There are so many names people categorize by and probably aren’t true. He is not just a person, she is not just a person, they have identities. Who are you?

Second step is knowing you are.

Money can not buy happiness, things such as materials, products don’t last forever. You must be aware that you can not be attached to objects, such as a phone, a TV, or a computer. You must love yourself, that’s where the true happiness comes from, these materials will not heal you, but you can heal yourself.

The third step is Loving Yourself.

You can not love someone if you do not love yourself and you can not love someone more than you love yourself. When you know who you are, you must love who you are and what you can become. You can be your own healer, love is the answer, but you must know there is lust and desire. Consciously begin to awaken yourself, love yourself before you who you love?

Fourth step is to be the love that you are seeking.

Meditation is like surrendering yourself to the flow of life, to your flow. Take some time in breathing and accepting your body on this earth. We are made of 70% water, it is important to know the qualities of water, how water flows endlessly, water is fluid, boundless, graceful, always changing. To offer no resistance to life is to be like water, stop resisting yourself, stop resisting what you are and you will find yourself.

Fifth Step is to stop resisting yourself, meditate.

Are you dreaming or are you living? Once you realize you are dreaming you can create your dreams, make them reality, you can construct your life. Let’s say your life is a book, what would be written in it, what is your life? What do you want to be? It is a gift know and accept what and who you are, and you have the power to create your story.

The sixth step is to create your life how you want it.

Life, is it not full of surprises and wonders. The world is extraordinarily big, be curious of life. Be curious of yourself, don’t waste thoughts, think, question, believe in curiosity. Life is full of ideas, creations, life is full of it, understand life. Question existence, why do you exist, why are you here? Creation, what is it, what is your purpose? The more you question life is like finding what you are, what life really is, curiosity improves intellect.

The Final Step is to be curious…..