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Technology is used for many purposes, it could be dangerous or it could be beneficial. There has been a talk about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and because technology advances over time, some believe our own creations will end humanity. Professor Stephen Hawking shares his perspective on the dangers of Artificial Intelligence, …

Technology has changed the way we live and it has benefited our lives as well. The creation of technology has brought us far and it has advanced over the years. Today we’re counting down our picks for the top five technology that has changed the world.    

Whether you fly once a year to visit your grandma or are an international supermodel who essentially lives on a plane, it’s a universal truth that flying can take its toll on your hair and skin. And for those of us who can’t fly private in our laser goggles (looking …

An otherworldly noise that was recorded near the Mariana Trench could be a never-before-heard whale call. Dubbed the “Western Pacific Biotwang,” this newly discovered call might be from a minke whale — a type of baleen whale — according to the researchers who documented the vocalization. Regardless of what species …

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